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    Warm and easy to maintain, the red pine flooring is an essence to consider when choosing your floor!
    Available in width of 5 1/8", 7 1/8" or 9 1/8" and up to 16' length, which greatly accelerates the exposure time.
    High quality oil Carver... an Italian oil, 100% ecological and natural.
    Sanded, antique, rustic or 100% custom finish (color and finish).
    Do you want to oil or dye your floors directly at home? Our floors are also available in natural wood!


    Color caramel


    Color caramel


    Color caramel

















    Rustic finish

    Unique in Quebec, we offer a textured and colorful finish that will enhance the natural beauty of your floor thanks to rustication.
    Rusticage is a process imported from Europe: using 4 different brushes, this process consists of grinding the soft parts of the wood, leaving the harder parts (the veining) out. This process results in a rich, deep color perfectly matching 2 shades of color and creating a relief effect on the floor.
    In addition, the rustication allows a very varied color scheme thus giving a unique touch to your decor.

    You have your style... we have it too!