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    In order to offer floors adapted to the needs of today's families while respecting the environment, Bois Léger Concept uses Carver's high-quality oils for all it's coatings and floors. Carver is a family owned company with a long tradition of quality since 1957. It is the first company in the wood flooring industry in Italy. Today, Carver has an environmental and quality management system with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications that make it a leader in it's field. Indeed, Carver's natural oils are environmentally safe, comply with the Kyoto protocol and exceed all Canadian environmental standards. All products in the Greenline series are made from extracts of all-natural vegetable oils including safflower oil, wood oil and linseed oil. These oils have been formulates to withstand the most common stains encountered in a residence: wine, tomato sauce, grape juice, etc. They have undergone rigorous testing according to international standards.

    Carver products

    • Greenline oils

    • Greenline water based varnish

    • Greenline care products



    Wide selection of colors

    The color may be accentuated depending on the number of coats applied to the wood. The proposed selection is not exactly what you want? No problem… Come create your hue or color and personalize the finish of your project. Many possibilities are available to you:

    • 2 superimposed colors

    • Light or dark stain (depending on the number of coats applied to the wood)

    • Varnish (clear, tinted or metallic)

    Our consultants will be happy to accompagny you when creating your color. We will give you the samples so that you can see the floor in it's future decoration.
    Finishing service available !
    Hand or machine oils
    Ask our advisors for details