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    Why choose red pine over hardwood?

    There are several types of pine trees including red pine, white pine and jack pine. We chose the red pine to create our pre-oiled floors, because it has a greater density than the others (see Janka charter), a beautiful natural shade and board dimensions that are unique in width and length. We use white pine for interior and jack pine for exterior siding. Red pine has a great density and becomes more beautiful with age. It does not mark easily, no need to sand for repair. Therefore, this home product is easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and has unique dimensions: up to 10 inches wide and 16 feet long.

    Where does our wood come from? 

    Northern Ontario provides us with red pine; as for the white pine, it comes from eastern Québec and the Maritimes.

    Do we have any FSC wood available?

    Yes, we do have FSC certified wood on request. For information regarding FSC wood and your project, please contact our advisors.
    What type of wood do we have? 
    Pine : Red pine for the floors; white pine for covering and interior finish; jack pine for exterior siding.

    Maple : floor and moulding
Oak : floor and moulding
Larch :  floor and moulding
Poplar : torrefied wood
Spruce, pine, fir S-P-F (Spruce-Pine-Fir) : engineered wood

    What is the percentage of moisture in our wood?

    Our wood has a humidity rate varying between 6% and 8 %. Therefore, it is ready to install upon shipment, consult our installation guide. Wood is still a living material: it reacts to temperature.
    It is perfectly normal for the wood to shrink down in a dry environment (winter) and to expand when moisture is current (summer). In order to avoid these problems, it is recommended to maintain a humidity rate of approximately 45 degrees.

    Oil or varnish, what is the difference?

    Oil and varnish are essential to protect the wood from damaging elements: air, water, moisture, UV rays, stains, and normal use of a floor!
    Varnish’s purpose is to seal the wood and give an incomparable shine. On the other hand, it may be chipping, has a limited life, must be applied by professionals and needs sanding (therefore dust) before putting on a new varnish.
    The Carver oil is 100% natural and without VOC. You can apply easily with a clean hand towel. Protecting the wood, the oil makes the floors waterproof, nourishes and gives them a more natural look. With an oiled floor, the imperfections are also easily repairable.

    What oil do we use? 

    We use Carver’s Italian oils. 100% natural, they are high quality products without VOC.

    How to apply the oil on wood? 

    By using a 100% cotton clean cloth, the oil has to be applied in circular motion on the surface. We suggest you consult the Carver guide to know all the steps to the procedure.