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    Who is Bois Léger Concept?


    The same passion for more than 40 years

    A well-established company in Prévost, Bois Léger & Fils Inc. is renowned for it's expertise in the manufacture of red pine flooring throughout Quebec. M. Marcel Léger, founder of the company, has always worked in the field of lumber. At first a certified classifier, he became an integral and respected businessman in his career.

    A tradition that continues

    Since December 1rst 2010, Bois Léger & Fils Inc. has become Bois Léger Concept following the acquisition of the business by Mr. Denis Warnett, a well-known and respected businessman in the Laurentians, who works in the building materials of all kinds for more than thirty years. The new owner has recently invested in new state-of-the-art equipment and revamped the showroom, offering new, trendy and modern products without ever distorting the star material: wood.


    Our plants in 2017


    Wood transformation and optimization plant

    As you know, wood is a material that requires different care before it reaches the consumer. It must be cut properly, dried according to strict standards and processed by high-tech machinery.


    The finish must be well suited to the wood essence in order to deliver an optimal product.


    Therefore, our Prevost processing plant is able to meet all the criteria in order to offer you a superior quality product on any product.


    Finishing plant

    Featuring three sophisticated painting leagues and two drying chambers, this plant has an incredible production capacity. All coloring is computer controlled, making it one of the best performers in eastern Canada.


    A segment of the plant is used for the acclimatization of the products to be finished, depending on the external humidity, the climate (Winter-Summer) and also according to it's future application. A paint chamber is used for small quantities to provide quick service. All orders are important!


    This plant is equipped to decontaminate the discharges so that the water returning to the local sewers is clean.


    Our creative teams are at the origin of new trends that you have noticed recently in terms of the supply of exterior coatings.


    BLC transforms several species of wood, engineered wood and also fibro-cement.


    The products we deal with are found throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.


    Let's share the taste for a job well done!